Thursday, September 11, 2014

.::Things that I love::.

  Hey lovely readers of mine.  How is everyone's end of summer fairing? So far ours has been nothing short of amazing.  I feel as though September should be it's own lovely little season. Summer melting into Fall(Fummer? Sall?) is some kind of wonderful in Washington. I go fiercely back in forth between holding on so tight to summer and touching my toes into the waters of fall.  I can't pick. Which is September, and I don't even mind.  We had our first batch of soup with my family the other night, and I also bought a couple of Yankee Candle car fresheners, because I go fancy for that suburu of ours. We love her. (aren't all cars she's? I am mostly certain).  Anyways! I thought I would give you the most random list of all the things that I am loving to death right now. Get cozy folks. 

1. Revlon Lip Butter in 
Pink Lemonade

 For the last couple of years I have dedicated my heart and soul to wearing lipsticks 
that are so bright and unnatural looking that the grocery store lady(and my husband) can't seem to make eye contact with me because of the distraction that is my lips.  Which, fine! I don't even care.  I will wear bubble gum pink/purple/orange lipstick until the cows come home and I.don'  But just recently I thought I would throw it way back to 2007 style, when all I wore was black eyeshadow and pale lips. I think maybe every girl somewhere, deep down inside, wants to be a victoria secret angel. So I picked up this little tube of heaven at target.  It was a quick impulse grab and is now officially my favorite tube of lipstick, and that's saying a lllllloooottt.  It looks good day or night, no makeup or makeup, smoky eye or natural eye. Good good good. 

2. Butterfly Express Essential 
Oil in Pink Grapefruit

Three cheers for the essential oil band wagon! Hip hip hooray! I'm a sucker.  And doterra I am sure is the tits, but ain't nobody got money for that.  Butterfly Express is an awesome little company located out of Utah, and has such affordable and quality oils.  My anti drug is anything grapefruit smelling.  I think I could get high off of it if I really tried hard enough.  This oil has a boat load of health benefits that I don't feel like listing. So look it up! But I put a dot of oil in my face cream at night and it makes me smell like fresca the soda, and Kyle seems to be into it. 

3. Choose Happiness Candle in 
Sparkling Yuzu and Lime

So have all you fools out there smelled the celestial smell of Anthropologie's notorious capri blue candle in the scent volcano? It better be the perma scent that's in heaven, because daaannnnng.
I have that candle sitting on a pretty shelf in my bathroom, and it's only for looking, not for touching. 
A little on the pricey side, so what I have been doing for the last 5 years is searching for a Volcano candle dupe. And I found it.  Run your cute little buns to target and buy yourself this candle. For a fraction of the cost. You are welcome. 

4. Green Bluff 

(the loveliest picture I have ever taken, maybe, don't they look like
a sunset??)
 One of my absolute favorite things to do here in Spokane is picking the most delicious seasonal 
produce at Green Bluff you pick farms.  It's makes my heart happy.  They have a ton of different farms to pick from and the cutest little shops and cafes to really treat yourself with when you go pick.  Just recently I went with my sister and friend Kelly to pick a peck of peaches. Actually, 30 pounds or so. Because when it comes to peaches, I go hard.  I set a side a handful or two for eating, but with the rest I sliced up to make peach pie freezer filling.  That's right.  My favorite local gal, Serena Thompson, editor of Country Living magazine and founder of The Farm Chicks antique show. She is my idol. She lives literally one mile outside of Green Bluff and created this heavenly, easy to do peach pie freezer filling that you can find on her website here!
You are welcome. 

5. Katelen&Joe's wedding!

Just recently I had the privilege of celebrating the marriage of two wonderful people and dear friends of mine that made the best decision to get married! Katelen looked absolutely stunning and Joe looked so handsome and they were SO happy.  They threw maybe the best party  there ever was.  They had the reception out at Katelen's Dad's beautiful house on the palouse. They had brick oven pizza and they cut the wedding 'pie', which I could have died. The most amazing toasts were made and the weather was perfect.  Kyle was golfing with friends in Lake Chelan that weekend,  so Andie my sister wife (but seriously almost) was my lovely date for the night.  We danced for hours upon hours into the early hours of the night with some of my favorite people in all the planet. It's pretty rare that you hang onto relationships you made when you were 13, and I will never take that kind of luck for granted. Some of us have moved, and gotten married, and lost touch, but when we all get together it's some kind of magic.  I love love love these people. 



  1. Loved it! Gotta get that candle and lipstick!!

  2. I also have a Capri Blue Volcano dupe at =)