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April-April: A year of catch up.

      Hi. Please forgive me. For whatever reason, none of which are valid, I have let this part of my life slip away.  I don't even know what I want this blog to be anymore.  I do still dream of it becoming an outlet for me to be creative, write my words, journal our lives, and give you some advice-y tip type stuff along the way.  For now I need to play catch up, I'm thanking the heavens above for my insanely good memory of the details of my days, and Instagram, my daily photo journal for providing a canvas to display our memories. Saddle up folks, this year has been filled with too many blessing to count. I think Kyle and I's best quality that we share together as a married couple is enjoying every last minute that we can. It's not always perfect, but we sure try to make the shiny parts extra shiny. I hope that never changes. 
(this is mainly for Aunt June, my biggest blog fan). 

April 2015

  We spent a whole day bumming around the rolling hills of the Palouse, making our way to Step Toe Butte. We watched the sun go down, parasailing take flight, and a big old moose too. 
We enjoyed our daily walks through our own neighborhood and hiked the hills that surround us locally. We also took a trip to Seattle for a weekend filled with pike place marketing(a verb), Kerry Park, eating all the local grub, and canoeing around Union Bay, which made me feel like if Kyle's a bird, i'm a bird if you know what i'm sayin. 

May 2015 

May was a good one, as it typically always is.  Kyle and I took yet another trip over to the westside for him to take a loooooong class and for me to spend every minute I could with Andie. We ate and hiked and laughed and did all those things best friends do.  On our way home Kyle obliged to my ever long nagging to PLEASE STOP FOR THE HORSES. We hiked ourselves up to the big giant iron horses that gallop along side the Columbia River. We both peed up there next to a horse that covered us, that's a memory I never want to forget. 
Kyle and I enjoyed every last blossom and park and hike we could muster in our town of Spokane.  I also was able to celebrate some birthdays with dear friends of mine. So lucky to have a handful of amazing women to call up anytime I want. 
We also spent memorial weekend adventuring Kalispell/Whitefish Montana! 
We ate cowboy-ish food, hiked our guts out, bummed around flathead lake, and died 1 million times at how stupidly pretty Montana is. Like, you win Montana. You win so hard. 

June 2015

 June was so so soooooo good to us.  Firstly, we love where we live. Spokane has a huge antique craft show festival every single year called farm chicks and I look forward to that weekend in june every single year. One of these years I would love to do a booth with my mom and sisters. We will, WE WILL! Hoopfest is also the cooooooolest you guys. The largest 3 on 3 basketball tournament in the world. Kyle, who if you didn't know, is freaking GOOD at basketball. The kid can play balllll. I love watching him play. His team got 2nd! 
We also did our annual bike the hiawatha! 17 miles of stunningly beautiful biking. Can't wait for this year. 
Two topics deserve posts all on their own, but i'll make it quick. 
Kyle and my dad built from scratch, complete scratch, a tear drop trailer for Kyle and I. 
They spent soooooo many hours crafting it up, and if I think about it too hard it makes me cry. I love those boys and their hardworking hands. 

WE ALSO BOUGHT A HOUSE! After 10 months of looking we bought a house.
No more renting, homeowners people! It feels so good to write that check out every month TO OURSELVES.  Quit renting you idiots, you're wasting your money. We bought a cute little fixer upper in a neighborhood we love. It's a stones throw from Rocket Market, highdrive, and a handful of parks. We are so happy. 

July 2015

In July we told ourselves that once our 'before we move in' projects are done, that we wouldn't touch the house for the rest of the summer because we wanted to pllaaaayyyyy. 
We went to see Zac Brown Band at the gorge, the best concert that either one of us has ever been too. I swear I felt the spirit you guys. SWEAR. We sang till we lost our voices, and a nice security guy pulled Kyle and I aside and asked if we wanted front row tickets for the rest of the show. Uhhhh what??  It's a night I never want to forget. 
We also spent much of our time up at beloved Priest Lake. We are so lucky to be able to spend so much time there. I crave that place all year long. Half my heart belongs there. 
I also turned 27! We spent the day bumming around north Idaho, adventuring around waterfalls and eating amazing food in Coeur d'alane. That boy of mine, I tell you what. He knows my heart. 

August 2015

I swear we have jobs you guys, that we work really stinking hard at.  We just use our time really wisely. You guys could too if you wanted! ;) We spent another weekend in the Seattle area, beach hopping and hiking on the Puget Sound, celebrating two very cute twins on their 1st birthday, and enjoying lots of family time.  
Kyle and I took the teardrop out for it's first time, a weekend at Round Lake. It was hot as mother effing hell, and we sort of panicked about the coffin it seemed like we were sleeping in. But we figured it out, sleep in limited clothes, benedryl, utilize the camper fan, and don't go camping in 90 degree weather with 90 percent humidity. No prob! We still loved it. 
More time at priest, running around the islands, perfecting our water skiing skills, night time boat rides, and lots of time with the people who matter most to me. 
Back home for gardening and night time summer walks. 
My heaven. 

September 2015

Oh September, where do I even begin!?  My sister who has waited a very long six years, finally was blessed with a perfect baby boy named, Cal. He is such a joy in our lives. We love him so much.  Kyle and I were also able to skip away for labor day weekend to spend a long weekend with dear friends of ours in Camano Island at the Saddler's family beach house. Beach walks, corn hole, yummy food, tiny town adventuring, sunset watching, and so much laughing that my abs and cheeks hurt. This might need to be a tradition. 

This could also be a whole entire post of it's own, and maybe it just might be. 
Kyle and I took our beloved tear drop on a 10 day voyage to adventure through the whole entire state of Oregon.  I can't even describe to you how impossibly perfect this trip was. We camped on the crystal blue Wallowa Lake, died at how cute Joseph OR is, hiked around the painted hills, spent every minute we could on the beaches of the Oregon coast.  Walked the beaches, bon fired on the beaches, drove on the beaches, watched the sun set every night, and counted our lucky stars every minute we were there. I don't take my life for granted, trying to hold tight onto this phase of life. I think that's okay, don't you?  We also swung up to the columbia gorge where we hiked to nearly 15 waterfalls. Marked off some serious bucket list hikes.  Go there people. I'll give you all the pointers you could ever want. 

October 2015

Spokane does October so good.  We harvested the rest of our garden, including 25 multi variety pumpkins that I swooned over (until some punk ass kids used them as bowling balls).  We went on many walks down Manito Blvd and through all the park. I can't get enough of the crispy dead leaf smell.  You know, I know that you know. 

We spent our 6th wedding anniversary up at a very special cabin on Priest Lake. I've wrote about this place before. It was stupidly perfect.  65 degree sunny weather, lots of hiking, canoeing, sitting close to the fire at night, and lots of dock fishing. Kyle caught the biggest fish of his life while we were there, and I legitimately have never seen him happier. Hopefully we will get another visit up to this place this year, the cabin is for sale by the owners, holding out hope for one last visit. 

We also spent a long weekend in Portland! My first time! Portland, you are gooooood. You put the hip in hipster, you're the indie to my tacos, the powell's to my books, the salt to my straw, the pok to my pok.  I so loved it here. I could go back 100 more times, if only to eat myself into the hit TV show my 600lb life. It would be worth it. 

On our way home from Portland we crossed a biiiiiiig bucket list hike for me in the Columbia Gorge. We wanted to do this hike when we were there the month before, but it isn't dog friendly on account of the super steep cliff ledges and narrow paths.  Tunnel Falls was 13 miles of complete waterfall and pacific north west majesty. Every mile or so there was a new waterfall, finally leading you to a 200 foot waterfall that has a tunnel that trails behind the fall, spitting you out on to a very steep and narrow ledge that wraps around the entire thing. If we would have died that day, we could have really put our names on it. It was that good. Put it on your list people. 

November 2015

November was laid back and awesome and awful all spun into one.  We did some fun local things.  Crunchy leaf walks, the Chinese Lantern Festival, and paroozing our favorite store in town, Boulevard Mercantile. We cheered on nephew's football games, ventured to southern Idaho for Thanksgiving, and lost our power for 10 days! 10! A massive windstorm came through spokane, knocking out thousands of trees, homes, and power lines. It was a devastating hit to so many. It was a hard 10 days, but we were so lucky to family members that had warm homes and hot showers.  During that time my best friend in the whole wide world moved back to Spokane to plant some roots. This too, deserves a whole post of it's own. I am so happy to have her near. She makes our lives better. We threw her a Soup-prise party to kick off our new life with Andie! 

December 2015

December was low key and lovely, as it should be. We dressed our little home, held our annual cheese and chocolate party with some of our very best friends.  We did a weekend on the west side with Kyle's family, taking the long way home to stop in Leavenworth for some bavarian holiday goodness. Cheese shops, chocolate shops, german food, and everything festive. One of my favorite traditions.  Christmas came with a thick white blanket of snow, the prettiest I have ever seen. We made sure to get out for some winter hikes, Jeff's favorite. 
Again, we are lucky people. 

January 2016

Kyle and I rung in the new year with one task, and one task only. 
Completely renovate our kitchen. And when I say renovate, I mean that literally every single place you could touch your finger was re done.  We worked our tails off, and with the help of our dad, were able to save thousands upon thousands of dollars by doing this DIY.  It seemed to take forever, but was really only 4 weeks, with us going to work at our jobs throughout it too. But boy did we use every last second of our spare time on this corner of our home. It was so hard but so rewarding. I'm obsessed with my new Kitchen. Maybe I will do a big lengthy post on the in's and out's, if that's something you guys want to know about. 

February 2016

I made Kyle promise me that once we finished the kitchen that we would stop to breath. Kyle would be content to fix up our house every minute he could get if I would let him, I don't take that for granted. But the 'yellow' in me needs to spread my wings, so we played in february. Went on some icy hikes, played on lake beaches, went thrifting, got brunch. The good stuff ya know? Also the Saddler's came over for a visit, it was so fun showing the some of the best corners of Spokane. 
They are such good people. I'm so glad that Andie met them, so that I could meet them.

March 2016

March was so good and so low key. We ate at Aloha Island Grill TOO MANY TIMES KYLE!  He can't get enough. We started prepping our seedlings for our garden, went to more nephew sport type things, and had family come to stay.  We hiked around Tubbs hill and Deep Creek.  We've enjoyed River Front Park and the glory of downtown spokane. A place we love to frequent. We love our city. Do you love your city? I bet you could love your city if you just tried. 
We are also in the middle of completely gutting our yard and the exterior of our house.
Remember when I said every where you could touch your finger in our kitchen needed to be redone? Same goes for the yard and exterior. Hoping to make it magic. I think it will be. 
Well that was a catch up of all catch ups. Sorry for the sabbatical. I'll try to be better. 
Because as much as life is busy, I still do love this blog of mine. It's seen me through a lot. 
Until next time, hopefully soon. 

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